Here the Javascript code available to be inserted in your web page to implement banners.

Please check the context of implementation for each of the functions.


 * SQJS.createBanner
 * Create a new Banner
 * Context:
 * - Call in the body of your webpage 
 * @param {string} img, the banner img  (471px width)
 * @param {string} url, the banner target url
 * @param {string} align, the banner horizontal alignment [left|middle|right]
 * @param {string} display, the banner display [fixed|absolute|relative|none]
 * @param {int} minScreenWidth, min screen width to display the banner
 * @returns {string} the id of the resulting banner
 * This function is part of SqueeJS.
function SQJS.createBanner(img, url, align, display, minScreenWidth){};

Usage example:

     var myNewBanner1 = SQJS.createBanner("/res/banner1.png","","left","relative", 500); 

How it looks like: