Here the Javascript code available to be inserted in your web page to implement a footer.

Please check the context of implementation for each of the functions.


   * SQJS.createFooter
   * create the tag DIV for the footer
   * Context:
   * - Call it in the body of your webpage
   * @param {string} html, the html to insert as footer 
   * @param {string} BG, the background of the footer
   * @param {string} align, the banner horizontal alignment [left|middle|right]
   * @param {string} display, the banner display [fixed|relative|none]
   * @returns {string}  the id of the footer DIV element
   * This function is part of SqueeJS.
  function SQJS.createFooter(html, BG, align, display){};

Usage example:

     var myNewFooter = SQJS.createFooter("<b>Some rights reserved.</b>","lightgray","right","relative");

How it looks like: