Here the Javascript code available to be inserted in your web page to implement user translation functionalities.

Please check the context of implementation for each of the functions.


Available user-contributed translations:

Bolognese dialect:


   * SQJS.createUserTrans
   * Create the tag DIV of user trans icon and user trans menu
   * Context:
   * - Call it in the body of your webpage 
   * @param {string} icoURI, the URI of the menu icon
   * @param {string} contentContId, the container of the body content (the menu will disable it)
   * @param {string} top, the y coord of the menu position 
   * @param {string} left, the x coord of the menu position 
   * @returns {void}
   * This function is part of SqueeJS.
  function SQJS.createUserTrans(icoURI, contentContId, top, left){};

Usage example:

     var myNewUserTransMenu = SQJS.createUserTrans("/res/trans-menu2.png", "content", 715, 30);